About Me

HELLO! I’m so glad you’re here!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! You are AWESOME!


What’s up, dear reader! My name is

Kathleen Trisha O. Dalida. I am 16 years

old, a responsible student, a loyal friend,

a loving daughter, and I’d like to think of

myself as a fashionable girl. I aim very

high because I believe in the saying that

the higher you aim for your dreams, the

larger you appear for those who

cannot reach the sky. I must admit I am

new to blogging and I may not be a well-

rounded person when it comes to

this but there is only one thing I can

assure you: I will try my very best to

become as near as a professional

blogger because I am here to prove and

make a name for myself. I choose to

become unstoppable, I focus on all my

goals, and most of all I trust my intuition

to live a courageous life. Someday, I’d

like to achieve even the smallest things

in the world, because they can make a

big difference.


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